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The Healthy Living Company

Proviva Pharma is the parent company of three business sectors:

Proviva Seattle Cancer Center is one of the Wing of Proviva Pharma, having centers in Agartala, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhopal and Jabalpur.

Probiotic Medicine

Micro-endoscope for cancer detection

Together, these axes form the Research, Development and Marketing nature of Proviva Pharma that has the ultimate goal of improving the long-term health of global citizens. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Proviva harma has developed international collaborations in order to maximize its impact and understand the health needs of eople world-wide.

Through all its actions, Proviva Pharma aims to:

  1. Develop innovative probiotic products to reduce the risk of cardiovascular, bone, metabolic disease and other diseases
  2. Understand role of microbiome in health and diseases and focused on human health through the microbiome and develop medical devices to enhance gastrointestinal health.
  3. Develop cutting-edge technologies and establish centers to battle cancer and other diseases
  4. Provide world-class medical education and training
  5. Stimulate healthy living and promote active aging and longevity

“Through our research sector, we aim to push the limits of understanding health to develop and provide next-generation therapeutics that are active, effective and affordable. This leads into our developmental phase for producing mass-scale certified products for global distribution. Together with are international partners, we are developing and distributing cutting-edge medical devices, probiotics and providing medical education thereby rounding out the goals of Proviva Pharma.”

Satya Prakash

Dr. Satya Prakash,Chairman

Medical Equipment for detecting BREAST CANCER in EARLY STAGE

flexible Micro Endoscope systems are developed for intraductal imaging (Ductoscopy), which allows for direct visualization on the duct lumen in the breast.

Ductoscopy with the Micro Endoscope can be performed in the conjunction with a Lumpectomy, allowing the surgeon to achieve clear margins with a minimum of excess tissue removed.

The Micro Endoscope system is also useful in screening high risk women for early breast cancer detection, and can be performed in the physician’s office as an outpatient. Through direct visualization of the ducts, this approach may allow for breast cancer detection significantly earlier than the mammogram.


Techno India Group started in 1985 for the exclusive purpose of delivering quality education in science and engineering in the state of West Bengal, India. Today Techno India is the recognized leader among private education groups in India for its academic excellence and vast multitude of course offerings.

Techno India Group has strengthened its original emphasis on science and engineering and expanded into management, medicine, and other key areas like Information and Communication Technology, Nanotechnology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Construction Technology, Architecture, Biomedical Technology, Paramedical Sciences, Management Sciences, Sports Technology and Media Science. In an effort to build a solid foundation for the state education system Techno India has also entered into the arena of primary and secondary education by establishing numerous model schools.

It has been successful in creating a positive learning experience by investing in superb infrastructural facilities, state of the art technologies in its engineering, science and computer labs, highly endowed library facilities and campus wide wifi enabled communication links.

Our successes speak volume about our dedication to quality education. In spite of its phenomenal growth, Techno India still remains a dedicated family of 2500 professionals including doctors, engineers, scientists, chartered accountants, lawyers …



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