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Dr. Satya Prakash (President & Chairman)

Dr. Satya Prakash, President & Chairman

Dr. Satya Prakash, is chairman co-founder of Proviva Pharma. Concurrent with his responsibilities at Proviva, he is Director, Biomedical Technology and Cell Therapy Research Laboratory and Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Cells and Organs Research, Physiology, Medicine and Experimental Sugary at Faculty of Medicine, prestigious McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Dr. Prakash has published more than 350 peer‐reviewed articles/abstracts, been listed as an inventor in 69 approved/pending patents, edited 2 books, contributed -18 book chapters and presented more than 90 invited talks across the globe. Dr. Prakash is the winner of 28 awards including “Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Science”, Overseas Scholar (US$ 75,000), Fraser, Monat and McPherson Award (Can $ 90,000), FRSQ Chercheure‐Boursière Award (Can $94,000) and the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) New Investigator Award (Can $ 350,000). At McGill Dr. Prakash’s research, has generated multi millions in individual and collective research grants and he has trained more than 80 graduate students, visiting scholars, post‐doctoral fellows, undergraduate and fellows. Currently his team is conducting major research in the areas of microbiome, biomedicine, artificial cells, drug targeting, siRNA delivery, stem cell therapy, nanomedicine, fatty liver, breast cancer, diabetes, stent design, wound healing and other human health and technology developments.

Dr. Prakash bring is a serious business and entrepreneurship experience to the Proviva Pharma. He co-founded and led several successful ventures including Micropharma, Nanora Pharma, MangoGen Pharma Limited and other ventures. Dr. Prakash serves to the editorial boards of several prestigious journals.

Mr. Debasis Chowdhuri (CEO)

Mr. Debasis Chowdhuri, CEO

Mr. Debasis Chowdhuri, CEO of Proviva Pharma (BS-Electrical, P.M): A multi-talented, multi-skilled and good team player in global corporate environment to align Talent Management and Business Strategy.

He has more than 27 years of experience in management developing and managing healthcare education, academy, medical devices, medical software products including both the release and acceptance of these products worldwide.

Ms. Susan WestFall (Vice President)

Ms. Susan WestFall,
Vice President

Susan is completing her Ph.D. at McGill University in the Department of Biological & Biomedical Engineering. Her project involves the design, characterization and optimization of probiotic and synbiotic formulations for use in the metabolic syndrome and neurodegenerative diseases focusing on the mechanisms of communication via the gut-brain-axis.

Susan completed both her MSc in Neuroscience and BSc in Biochemistry at McGill University with honours. She has published over 10 peer-reviewed papers, a book chapter, dozens of abstracts and has won 6 first-place awards for presentations of her work at international conferences. Susan also completed a certificate program in Ayurvedic Medicine and spent one year as a research assistant in the Department of Biochemistry at Banaras Hindu University in India studying the use of Ayurvedic plant extracts in neurodegenerative and other diseases. Hence, Susan also demonstrates expertise in Ayurvedic medicine and natural plant biochemistry making her a well-rounded expert in nutraceutical medical research.

Dr. Nick Chen (Director, Proviva Seattle Cancer Centres)

Dr. Nick Chen,
Director, Proviva Seattle Cancer Centres

Dr. Chen is Director of Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center. Dr. Chen has been a pioneer in the use of low-dose chemotherapy, which fights tumors while reducing the side effects of traditional chemotherapy.

He is currently serving as the Center’s Principle investigator in a clinical trial for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. He also focuses on innovative approaches towards difficult-to-treat cancers, such as lung cancer, metastatic melanoma, brain cancer, and relapsed lymphoma. Concurrent to his Director Seattle Cancer Center, USA responsibilities he is Director of Proviva Seattle Cancer Centers.

Dr. Hongmei Chen (Director, Business Development China)

Dr. Hongmei Chen,
Director, Business Development China

Hongmei Chen completed her education in China (BSc and MS) and in Canada (PhD), and had post-doctoral training in tissue repair and regeneration.

Her previous R&D experiences in biomedical engineering are extensive, covering biomaterials, drug delivery, human microbiome and probiotics, artificial cells and cell therapy, tissue engineering. Hongmei has produced a large number of high impactful publications; some of her findings were highly recognized in the academic community and translated to clinical products. Hongmei has won a number of prestigious awards.

DENIS BILODEAU (Vice-President, partnerships, MEDICAL DEVICES)

Denis Bilodeau,
Vice-President, partnerships, MEDICAL DEVICES

Denis is Proviva Vice-President, Partnerships for medical device. Denis hold B.Sc., DIA, and MBA as well as being a Certified Professional Administrator (Adm.A.). Denis brings years of business and management experience to the Proviva Team.

He held several prestigious positions including Genome Quebec , Vice-president Administration and Interim CEO; Programme Director, Director Partnerships and Director of operations of the Biobank Genome Quebec , Centre Hospitalier Affilié Universitaire Chicoutimi, Executive Director of CARTaGENE. He was Director at Debiovision (Previously H3Pharma, funded by SGF) where he design and implemented large phase II and III trials in Oncology. He led the development of the peri-approval plan for Sanvar (vapreotide) and successfully implementation of international trials in USA, Poland, South Africa. For his excellence, he was Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Myeloma Canada. 2012-2015; Member of the Board of CEPMED (Centre of Excellence in Personalized medicine). Member of the Investment Committee and of the Executive committee, treasurer.2011-2012.; Member of the Strategic Advisory Committee of the Canadian Partnership for the Tomorrow Project of CPAC (Canadian Partnership Against Cancer). 2011-2012. -President, advisory committee Cascade Genomics; member of Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec (ADMA) and various other prestigious organizations.